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Special-shaped artificial board special glue

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Formaldehyde-free adhesive


After years of market verification, our products are at the domestic leading level in terms of environmental performance, bonding strength and use technology.
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In this product, the current demand for IKEA system is the most concentrated use in the industry. Guangdong Yongtei and Harbin Yijia are the first entrants, but the products of Yongtei have not been able to meet the requirements of IKEA. The IKEA IWAY certification will be withdrawn from the IKEA procurement catalog by September. In the future, we will mainly compete with the products of multinational companies such as Bolton and Japan Taier. However, because the prices of multinational companies are relatively high, our products have obvious competitiveness. And in the production of IKEA Boon chair KD handrails, only our YJ-153 special-shaped wood-based panel special glue can meet the strength requirements, and the products of multinational companies can not be solved. It is still unique.

Recently, our low-cost formaldehyde-free plywood adhesives have been developed and entered the industrial trial stage. At that time, the cost of formaldehyde-free adhesives will be flat or even lower than the phenolic and melamine-modified urea-formaldehyde adhesives commonly used in the market. A major change in the market.

The main products of other formaldehyde-free adhesives in China are concentrated in the cold-pressed EPI series adhesives, and some can be adapted to the production of small-format wood-based panels. There are no other adhesive enterprises that can produce large-format wood-based panels.

The company's current technical level far exceeds other competitors, has a high reputation in the domestic industry, and has been recognized by industry experts such as the Forest Industry Association and the Forestry Academy. It is the only adhesive that can be used similarly to urea-formaldehyde. It has been verified by the market in terms of strength and environmental protection, and is the undisputed first brand.

After years of market validation, our company's products are at the domestic leading level in terms of environmental performance, bonding strength and use technology. Among them, "Formaldehyde-free technology wood production adhesive" is currently the only one in the domestic market that can be used for science and technology. The formaldehyde-free glue produced; the formaldehyde-free wood structural adhesive is the only EPI adhesive that can meet the international standard requirements. The cost and price are 1/4 of the resorcinol adhesive and 1/2 of the PUR adhesive. Good market prospects.

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