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SHENGJIYIJIA — China's indoor formaldehyde-free business leader

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Composite floor cold glue

Special-shaped artificial board special glue

Plywood glue

Furniture panel glue

In the cold press of composite flooring, Henkel and Taier are our main rivals. They rely on the brand of Dachang and many years of operation to form a good reputation and recognition among users.
After years of market verification, our products are at the domestic leading level in terms of environmental performance, bonding strength and use technology.
In the class I water-resistant indoor plywood and composite floor substrate, there is currently no formaldehyde-free adhesive product that can really adapt to the plywood factory production process. We have an absolute competitive advantage.
In terms of furniture panel glue, there are many brands on the market, such as Henkel, Taier, Guangyang, Xiaoxi, Baijia, Yongteai, Tianshu, Lujia, Minqiang, Qishen, etc. The competition is fierce, but their formula costs are relatively high. We will operate mainly within the economic transportation range of 500 kilometers to obtain the absolute advantage in price.
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