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What are the functions of formaldehyde-free latex paint?


2022-03-25 10:45

Latex paint is one of the indispensable decoration materials in our home decoration. Now our latex paint is more and more widely used in the indoor and outdoor decoration of family houses, and the brand of latex paint in our market is There are also a lot of them, which is another thing that hurts our buyers. I don’t know how to choose, which one is better? Formaldehyde-free latex paint is less harmful to the environment. As a kind of organic paint, latex paint is becoming a must-use item for more and more people because of its excellent characteristics. The editor of Shengji Environmental Protection Engineering will briefly introduce the functions of formaldehyde-free latex paint for everyone.
1. Decorative effect of formaldehyde-free latex paint
After the formaldehyde-free latex paint is applied to the wall, it can glow with beautiful colors, smooth and delicate texture, and subtle and elegant luster, which can make our walls very beautiful. The decorative effect of latex paint comes from its water resistance, color retention, etc. The decorative performance of latex paint depends to a large extent on the emulsion. The effect of emulsifier is formed by emulsion polymerization, and it is milky white. The emulsion of different components makes the decorative effect of latex paint different.
2. The protective effect of formaldehyde-free latex paint
Protecting the wall is an important function of latex paint, especially when the base layer of putty is not properly selected, this function is more obvious. Low-grade white putty and 821 putty will drop powder after being applied to the wall. Although the performance of the base layer will not be improved after applying latex paint, the problem of powder dropping has been solved; at the same time, the putty layer has poor dirt resistance and cannot be scrubbed. Latex paint is not only more resistant to dirt, but also can be scrubbed with a damp cloth when it is dirty. In addition, making up for tiny cracks on the wall and inhibiting the growth of mold on the wall can be counted as a manifestation of protecting the wall.
The above is what Shengji Environmental Protection Xiaobian shared with you about the role of formaldehyde-free latex paint. If you want to know more about formaldehyde-free latex paint, you are welcome to consult us at any time.

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