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How to judge whether formaldehyde-free latex paint is environmentally friendly


2022-03-25 10:44

Everyone should be familiar with latex paint. When interior decoration, everyone chooses to use latex paint to paint the walls. However, nowadays decoration materials generally contain formaldehyde. Many people are afraid of formaldehyde and want to buy your environmentally friendly zero-formaldehyde decoration materials. Some people want to buy the decoration materials of formaldehyde-free latex paint, then someone will definitely sell it, so the so-called formaldehyde-free latex paint appeared. Today, the editor of Shengji Environmental Protection will share with you the method of judging whether formaldehyde-free latex paint is environmentally friendly.

When buying paint, we can smell it and try it out. Some people say that paints with a strong irritating taste are generally harmful, while paints with no taste are good paints and are non-toxic and harmless. According to the person concerned, the harmful substance in latex paint itself is a kind of odorless, so it cannot be said that those latex paints with no smell are not poisonous. Latex paint with a pungent smell is definitely a poisonous latex paint, but latex paint without smell is not necessarily poisonous.

Some people also said that the latex paint I bought smelled a light fragrance, which is definitely not a harmful gas. The fragrance in latex paint is generally adjusted by additives. These additives themselves are toxic, so light Judging whether a latex paint is toxic by smell is not comprehensive. Therefore, the taste of latex paint and the environmental protection of latex paint cannot be completely equated.

From the appearance of a good product, we can see its luster. After opening the latex paint, we can see oily latex floating on the belly. If the latex paint of poor quality is opened, we can only see a layer of water. thing. From an environmental point of view, a good latex paint tastes very light and does not emit odor. Inferior latex paint will not only affect the quality of construction, but also contain chemical raw materials inside to damage human health.

The content about formaldehyde-free latex paint is introduced here. If you want to know more about formaldehyde-free latex paint, you are welcome to consult us at any time.

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