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What are the key points when purchasing formaldehyde-free latex paint


2022-03-25 10:44

I believe that everyone hopes that your home can be beautiful and environmentally friendly when decorating, so it is very important for us to choose a good paint. Today, the editor of Shengji Environmental Protection Project will share with you the choice of formaldehyde-free latex paint. What precautions are there when .

1. When we buy latex paint, the first thing we come into contact with is the appearance of the product. What we have to do is to carefully check the packaging to confirm that the packaging of the product is very tight and there will be no leakage. If it is metal packaging, what we need to check is to check whether there is rust, as well as the production date and use period of the product to ensure the quality of the product.
2. Next, we need to check the quantity of the product. We will share with you a simple method, which is to pick up the jar and shake it. If there is a squeaking sound when shaking, it indicates the weight of the latex paint. is insufficient, or the quality is questionable.
3. After we buy back the formaldehyde-free latex paint, we can first open the jar to check whether there is any abnormality before using it. The surface of the qualified formaldehyde-free latex paint is transparent, uniform in color, free of impurities and free from impurities. It has good fluidity and will not appear crusty. The appearance of the thinner is clear, transparent, free of impurities, and has good dilution.
4. We then inspect the quality of the latex paint we purchased during construction. If we buy a qualified latex paint, then after the matching, we touch it with our hands, and the hand feel is very delicate. And the effect after construction is very good, with uniform gloss, uniform color and suitable viscosity.
The above are the key points that we need to pay attention to when purchasing formaldehyde-free latex paint, which is shared by the editor of Shengji Environmental Protection Engineering. It is recommended that you go to regular channels to buy the brand's latex paint, the quality is more guaranteed! It is worth noting that after the paint in our home is dry, it must be ventilated for two to three months before living in it, which is more beneficial to health! If you want to know more about formaldehyde-free latex paint, you are welcome to consult us at any time.

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