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SHENGJIYIJIA — China's indoor formaldehyde-free business leader

Returning green to the earth, returning health to humanity

Business Advantage

Business Advantage

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Advancement: The company has two world-leading scientific research achievements, is China's good technology, and China's outstanding enterprises; has obtained 12 patents, and solved the defects in the use of biomass and other formaldehyde-free adhesives, the National Academy of Forestry Recognize that our technology is leading the world.

Sustainability: Participate in the formulation of a national standard, an industry standard, and a group standard. The R&D team is strong: top experts from the National Academy of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University and other industries have joined our R&D team, and have applied for 16 patents. They have achieved breakthroughs in formaldehyde-free research on dipped paper, basically achieving no Full coverage of formaldehyde glue application.

Environmental protection: clean production! No waste gas, waste water, waste residue discharge!

Social contribution: The material is easy to get, the social resource consumption is saved by more than 30%, the VOCS emission is almost zero, and the low carbon emission reduction contributes a lot.

Can be promoted: small investment, rapid expansion, high market acceptance, can quickly occupy the market, so that all humans can enjoy the free breathing home environment as soon as possible.