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Company Overview

Established in 2009, Dongying Shengji Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise focusing on the development and production of environmentally friendly adhesives. It is located in Shengli Petroleum Science and Technology Innovation Park. It has 20 employees, including 5 undergraduate R&D personnel. It has built a formaldehyde-free adhesive with a production capacity of 10,000 tons/year and an annual sales income of 17 million yuan. At present, it has 12 national patents and two internationally advanced scientific and technological achievements. As the main drafters, it participates in the preparation of one of the national standards, one of the industry standards, and the industry association standards. In September 2015, he was selected as the national final of the new material industry in the “4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, successfully entered the top 48 and won the honorary title of “Excellent Enterprise”; in October, he won the innovation of Chinese forestry industry at the 2nd World Artificial Board Conference. Award (ministerial level); shortlisted for the “China Good Technology” in 2017; is the only certified formaldehyde-free adhesive supplier in the world by IKEA Industry Group in Sweden; in November 2018, it was recognized as “high-tech enterprise”.

Background of the project

Formaldehyde board industry has always been the largest source of indoor pollution in the world. In 2004, the United Nations Health Organization identified formaldehyde as a class of carcinogens! Authoritative statistics have lost more than 110,000 people every year. The formaldehyde adhesive used mainly in the global wood-based panel industry is the source of all this! The production of wood-based panels in China has reached 300 million cubic meters since 2016, the consumption of adhesives has exceeded 40 million tons, and the output value has exceeded 100 billion yuan. More than 99% of them are formaldehyde-based adhesives. According to the production statistics, the formaldehyde emission is estimated to be about 2,000 tons per year.

Dongying Shengji Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D, production and promotion of formaldehyde-free adhesives. It is the responsibility of leading the home decoration without formaldehyde. Over the years, it has been through hardships and immersed research. The first adhesive in the country, the world leader. In August 2018, the successful breakthrough of formaldehyde-free adhesives has a short opening time and cannot adapt to the world's problems in the industrial production process of wood-based panels. At the same time, the production cost has been reduced to a lower level than the same-performance formaldehyde-based adhesives, formaldehyde-free adhesives. The marketing has ushered in a real spring.

According to the industrial development target plan issued by China Forestry Industry Association, by 2020, more than 80% of wood-based panels and 100% wood household products will be released without formaldehyde. At that time, the market capacity of formaldehyde-free household products will be about 7 trillion yuan, formaldehyde-free artificial The market capacity of the board is 800 billion yuan, the market capacity of formaldehyde-free adhesive is about 110 billion yuan, and the adhesive capacity of the international market is nearly 1 trillion. As the industry leader and pioneer, Shengji Environmental has a huge first-mover advantage in formaldehyde-free adhesives.

Development plan

First, the near-term goal is to realize the project to expand production capacity as soon as possible, and quickly open the market area of ​​the main wood-based panel production. The formaldehyde-free adhesive application research base is put into use simultaneously, and the main business income of 300 million yuan, 1 billion yuan and 5 billion yuan will be realized within three years. development of. Second, the medium-term planning, to create a formaldehyde-free home production base, with formaldehyde-free adhesive production as the core, continuously extending the upstream and downstream industrial chain, to achieve a complete industrial chain from wood production and processing to home design and production. The third is the long-term vision. Through the efforts of the R&D team, we will improve and expand the application fields of formaldehyde-free adhesives, solidify international leading advantages, and become an international group company with independent intellectual property rights, high-end well-known brands and good social reputation.


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