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SHENGJIYIJIA — China's indoor formaldehyde-free business leader


Founded in November 2013, SHENGJI YIJIA is mainly engaged in the non-formaldehyde integrated decorative materials of SHENGJI YIJIA's family, mainly including formaldehyde-free putty powder, latex paint, wooden floor, decorative board, wallpaper, murals and other products. The company has obtained a registered trademark certificate in September 2014.

The company is the wish of Ms. Shi Yanfang to complete the "safe and non-toxic room of the public", relying on the formaldehyde-free adhesive technology that has reached the international advanced level, and the only decomposition of formaldehyde on the market that can meet the national standard of "air purification functional coating materials". Latex paint technology, with negative ion, far-infrared, formaldehyde-based interior wall latex paint technology and a decoration material formaldehyde release storefront display device technology, to identify the domestic market gap and the actual needs of consumers, was founded, trial operation for more than a year It has won market recognition and high praise from friends, and has been unanimously recognized by new and old customers such as villas, hospitals, schools, etc., and has obtained the market access permit of Sinopec Shengli Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. In 2012, the company won the honorary title of the most promising enterprise. In 2013, it won the first prize of Dongying Science and Technology Innovation, the certificate of scientific and technological enterprise, the first prize of the Dongying District Final Growth Enterprise of Shandong Entrepreneurship Competition, and the Dongying Venture Entrepreneurship Competition in 2015. The second prize of the local competition, in August 2015, advanced to the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Shandong Division Finals. In September 2015, he will participate in the National Competition of China Entrepreneurship Competition. In July 2015, it was awarded the honorary title of “Specialized and Specialized” SMEs in Dongying City in 2015.

The China Economic Network Shandong Channel, the Yellow Triangle Morning Post, Dongying TV Station, Chuangfu Dongying Program, Weiwei Daolai Program, the first consumption column and other media have reported on the company's chairman Shi Yanfang and formaldehyde-free products many times, and accumulated a good reputation. Brand reputation.

SHENGJI YIJIA's formaldehyde-free integrated decorative material completely solves the problem that indoor air treatment can “suck” and cannot “solve”, and can continuously release negative ions, decompose toxic gases in the air, purify the air, and let you and your family enjoy A forest-like environment, breathing forest air, and caring for family health. Walk into the home of SHENGJI YIJIA and embrace a healthy life!

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